Sand Duels


I started guzzling down the milk, as cold as a freezer in Antarctica. I’m ”5’9” with brown hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. My name was Bon. I was also one of the strongest gladiators in Rome. I started to stretch and put my gladiators helmet on. Believe it or not I want to be free. I hate the Romans for killing my dearest brother. You’re probably wondering how I became a gladiator? Well this is my story on how I became a gladiator. I was an orphan. My parents we’re killed in a storm at sea. The sea storm was like none other. Lightning roared and beamed in all directions. Nobody expected it. My parents put me on a lifeboat without them, full of strangers. There wasn’t enough room on the boat, except for a small child, like I was. I was distraught, but couldn’t do anything. I wailed as my mom and dad left me, alone. I was forced to be sent to a orphanage, and this is what happened.


Sabo was my adopted brother, or my best friend. He had blond hair and brown eyes. He had curly hair miraculously for a blond. We’d been together ever since I was taken to the orphanage, at age 4. I’d loved him and he’d loved me, until that day. “Sabo don’t climb the house!” I sarcastically stated to him.

“But I wanna see the whole town Bon!” I knew Sabo was clearly toying with me. Sabo and I were both 11 years of age, but I still didn’t trust him climbing 5 feet. I watched as Sabo climbed up higher and higher to the rainbow stew of clouds, sun, and birds.

“Mum’s gonna yell at you Sabo. I don’t care though!” If he can climb it, I can climb it. I started on the base of the house. I stepped up on a sandstone brick. Its dust breezed off of my sandals. I went to grab something sturdy for support, but instead grabbed a pipe that Sabo held.  Were their pipes on the roof? Regardless, I latched onto the rusty pipe and Sabo pulled me up. I was a runt compared to Sabo’s muscle.

“There ya go!” Sabo giggled as I made my way up.

The view was amazing, except for one thing. “Sabo, what are those ships on the horizon?” It kind of gave me a bizarre feeling.

Sabo was quick to respond, perhaps he was fearful too. “I don’t know, looks to be 7 of them. Mum still isn’t back yet either. This is strange.”

I tried to be logical,”it might just be merchants trading goods. Lets just gaze at the clouds.” I thought this might calm the nerves of me, and Sabo.

“Yeah that might be a good idea. Let’s just forget about it.” Sabo said this as if all his worries would be taken away in sleep. Sabo and I started to cloud gaze, as we fell asleep on the roof of the structure. We had no idea what was to come.

116 B.C.

This fight was my final fight. This was my fight for freedom. The 2 gladiators next to me and I fight the beast Acnologia. Acnologia was a massive 8 foot beast of a lizard. This was gonna be a rough thorn patch to cross.

Chains rattled. Moss glistened on my neck. *Clang clang clang* The sound of metal against metal. I readied myself along with the 2 other gladiators next to me. One of these gladiators were more skilled than even I,” Nonius of the hidden blade. All of his armor was colored black and gray. The clothing was so thick, you couldn’t even tell if he was hiding a blade, or two, maybe even ten hidden blades! ”He was rank A, 93. I was rank A 92. The person standing to the right of me was Volcanus, a rank 89 B. He was 6’0. Blond with blue eyes. He had a iron chest piece, with ragged leather on the sides. You could tell there was a fire in his eyes, like a super volcano. His nickname was “Volcanus of the Molten Temper.” Nonius always had  blade, no matter what. Volcanus was known for always losing his temper in rage.

5 minutes had passed before the elevator came to a screeching halt. “Eh, so what’s your story governor?” Volcanus questioned me.

“ I’m the half demon killer, Bon.”

“It’s time we slay,” Nonius declared. Nonius took a step forward.

“We will become legends,” Volcanus followed up. Volcanus took a step forward.

“Let’s end our final fight with a bang,” I announced.

“Let’s go there, to freedom!” All of us shouted this. We all thrusted our blades forward. We charged for freedom.

I ran out in adrenaline, but immediately stopped in my tracks. A massive 6 yard tall beast approached all 3 of us. Its fangs flushed with saliva, as if it hadn’t been fed for weeks. Its blood thirsty eyes called out in rage. Claws longer than spears. The beast yelled out in a fit of fury. I felt a wave of terror trickle down my spine. He might´ve been thinking mmmm, a sweet, juicy, tender human. This is where, I die.

About a minute passed before Nonius made his move. It felt like I’d been standing there for hours. I tried to move, but it felt like elephants were tied to my legs.” Ar!” Nonius yelled as he leapt up and stabbed the beast in the eye. Blood oozed from Nonius’ blade. Nonius pulled out a second blade, a dagger. I watched as Volcans charged forward. Magma somehow gushed from his blade. He charged at the beast, only to be knocked back from the troubled monsters paw. I stared in awe as the beast flung Nonius off with ease. Both gladiators laid lifeless. They’re out. I had to save their lives. I’ll charge at the beast. I would’ve passed out from fear right there, if not for the courage that Sabo bestowed in me.

146 B.C.

*Clank Clank* “Bon! Bon! Wake up Bon!” Who was saying this?

Dazed I woke up. The person right there was Sabo. “Sabo? Whats happening? Why is there so much noise?” I heard crashes of sword on sword battle, and screams.

“We have to get out of here right now Bon! The Romans are attacking!” Sabo proceeded to yank me up out of my lying position. For a second I thought this was just a bad nightmare.

“Where do we go Sabo?” I was worried and scared. “And what about mum?”

“We can’t worry about her, we have to save our own skin.” Sabo spoke truth, we had to save ourselves, it’s what mum would want. “We have no time, jump off! Just make sure to roll ok.”

“Sabo I can’t, but I’ll try.” I was fearful of falling, but even more fearful of what the Romans would do if they caught me. I jumped, as Sabo did the same.

Luckily we both rolled, mine was more of a half roll, but i’ll take it. “Where we we go now Sabo?” I was lost.

Sabo knew what he was doing somehow. “Let’s go to the back of the island, we can escape from a dinghy and go out to sea. Let’s go Bon.”

Suddenly I heard the loud fire of a building collapsing not far behind us. The smoldering wreckage produced a factory of smoke. “BON!” Sabo shouted, “RUN LIKE HELL!” Sabo conducted this perfectly. I ran till my lungs would explode.

116 B.C.

I ran towards the beast, a red glow emitting from my eye. I jumped onto the head of the beast. Without a second thought, I widely jabbed my blade into the beast’s thick skull. I used every ounce of strength to steer the beast away from my two stunned comrades. “Arra!” I steered the beast away. *Crack crack crack* My vision faded. Pain engulfed my left arm. The beast had flipped me to the ground, arm first. All I heard was voices. The only two people that could be there we’re Volcanus and Nonius.

“Grab him Nonius!” This might’ve been Volcanus.

“Volcanus, that might kill you!” This was Nonius definitely.

“I don’t care you bloody moron, go!” I don’t know about this voice .

I opened my eyes for a split second before I drifted off to slumber. What I saw in that split second, was Volcanus’ hands separating from his body. Volcanus’ stubs of hands were dripping with red. I couldn’t do anything.

*Swoosh, Boom*

146 B.C.

We were running past the Romans and Greeks locked in combat. Screams, blood, violence, death. I’ll never forget this day as long as I live. Smoke evacuated into the air. My Sandals were beaten by my feet. I was out of breath. My legs and arms ached. My heart was bursting out of my chest. My lungs were collapsing on themselves. I couldn’t run anymore. The only thing that kept me running was fear and will power alone. Sabo appeared to be struggling too. I wanted to say something to him, but it would expend too much energy. I had to stop, I couldn’t keep this up. “Sabo, I have to stop.” I couldn’t go any farther.

“We’re only halfway there!” Sabo was serious. Then I heard footsteps heading towards us. “Quick in here,” Sabo whispered. He pulled me into an ally. We ducked down the alley.

“Sabo, there’s nothing but a single barrel,” I pointed out. “There’s not enough room for the both of us!”

“Hide in it Bon, I’ll be fine.” I knew he wouldn’t be fine, but Sabo was stubborn. I knew he wouldn’t change his mind. I walked in the dank alley over to the barrel. I went to climb in the barrel, but I was paralyzed by pure terror. Three Romans gladiators stood behind Sabo and I. “Stay back!” Sabo tried to be brave, but wasn’t. The gladiators looked extremely frightening and intimidating. All of them had big, strong, beefy muscles. They also were covered in armor from head to toe. It was astonishing they could move at all.

One of the enemy’s spoke. “Keep the weak ones that can’t fight back. Kill the strong ones.” I wondered to myself, did that include Sabo? The gladiator lifted his spear up, in a throwing position. A deathly intention in his eye. My eyes turned blank.

“” I was so fearful for my brother. My eyes widened as there was movement from the spear. The gladiador chucked the spear through the air, like a plane cutting through the sky. Without thinking, I jump in front of Sabo. I’ll die but not he. I was fully prepared to die, until Sabo lugged me to the ground. “SABO NO!” It was too late. The spear went right through Sabo’s chest, catching flesh with it. Blood met the sand.

“Bon I, love you.” Sabo mumbled as he was jerked to the ground.

I ran quicker than I ever had to Sabo. “Sabo no, don’t die! You can’t die here! You’re too strong too!” Tears ran down mine, and Sabo’s faces. I held my dying in my arms as emotion fought inside me.

“Get the boy! Turn him into a gladiator! He can fight till he drops!” The gladiator shouted as two of his posse grabbed me by the arms.

“Bon,” Sabo choked out. “Live, and become,” Sabo spat a big clump of blood. “A great gladiator.” Sabo started to turn blank behind the eyes. “Also, I love y-,” Sabo turned blank behind the eyes completely.

“I LOVE TOO SABO! I LOVE YOU TOO.” I watched my adopted brother die right before my eyes. The gladiators that had Sabo’s blood on his hands dragged me away. This was too much for an 11 year old. I dropped into a deep abyss. It seemed like I would never wake up.

116 B.C.

I awoke in a house, or in a bed. Dazed I tried to gather my thoughts, what happened? Nonius had walked in, the rickety floor creaked as Nonius took each step. “Look, we’re free.” My face lit up with glee. Nonius went to speak again, “but Volcanus sadly didn’t make it.”

What once was an ecstatic expression swiftly turned to a rainy storm cloud “Volcanus?” I shut down, even though I knew Volcanus for 30 minutes.” I jolt of regret shot through my body. It was like lightning from a hurricane. “How did we escape?” I needed answers desperately.

Nonius’ face looked like he was plunging deep into his memory. “I watched as everyone retreated from the arena. Gas bombs were tossed into the arena, immediately after Volcanus perished. Gas rummaged through the arena, chasing me. I ran as long as I could, but got trapped in the poisonous vortex. Citizens got trapped in the gas as well. I watched as it knocked them out. I eventually succumbed to the gas, and here we are. I just woke up in that bed, five minutes ago.

I looked to the door which opened up slowly  A mysterious man walked into the room. The man was so mysterious, indulging, and intriguing. He was black, so black you could only see his outline. He had a reddish tint to him though. The weird thing about the man was his hands weren’t outlined. The figure crept to my bedside. He appeared to have red eyes like lava. Nonius tensed, but let go of his troubles. The outlined figure moved what seemed to be his mouth. “What will you gladiators do now?”

I questioned what I would do, but came to unanimous decision. “I’ll go work at a lumber mill, considering i’m already strong.”

“I’ll go too,” Nonius butted in. “I’m also fit, and good with blades.”

Everything seemed good and fixed, but I had one question to the man in reddish black. I had to quench my curiosity. “Who are you strange man?”

    The strange man readied the words he was prepared to talk. “Well, my identity is… Volcanus.”

By: Ethan, age 12

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