Fight of the Century

It is the fight of the century, the superbowl of all fights, billions of dollars bet on this fight. Mcgregor ( a UFC fighter) against Mayweather ( a legendary boxer). All odds against me ( the UFC fighter).

It is June 1st,  2017 and I am training hard. Spending everyday in the gym. If I want to beat the legend, I will have to train very hard. I am 23-3-2 in MMA fighting and will hopefully be undefeated in boxing, making Mayweather 49 and 1 if I beat him. Nobody believes that I can beat the legend. I am here to prove them wrong.

During training I weighed myself. I am 5 foot 9, 153 pounds. One pound under the weight limit. I have a matte black maserati and a multi million dollar home so people would probably say that I have anything that I could ever want, but what they don’t know is that I need to pursue my dream of becoming a legend and the only way to do that is by beating the legend himself (Floyd Mayweather).

When it was the weigh in, I tried to get in the legends head. “I will bounce your head off the canvas” I said. I was trying to make him intimidated. As I knew it didn’t work. “You think your intimidating me” said Mayweather. “I am the greatest boxer of all time” he said to me. “Nothing can intimidate me” he continuously said. “Just wait, just wait” I said repetitively. He won’t be expecting me.

As it was now the day of the fight, I could feel the nerves in my stomach. Round one! The announcer boomed! Come out fast and punch hard, so you don’t have to go into the later rounds where he has the advantage, I thought to myself. 5th round! Boomed the announcer for the 5th time! I was starting to get nervous. I knew I couldn’t go into more rounds or I would for sure lose, I thought to myself. Mcgregor with the upper cut to the head, boomed the announcer! Mayweathers face dripping with blood, almost as if he was sweating blood. Round 6! I know I am getting fatigued and he is just getting better and better as the fight went on. I am thinking to myself, this is why he is a legend, he had a strategy coming into this fight and it was to take me into later rounds where he had the advantage, he has succeeded. He laid a blow right to my face, breaking my jaw, but I could not give up now. Thinking that in my head, I pounded him down to the ground, but him being a legend, he sure can take a hit. Round 10! It all happened so fast, he came out and wound back, laying a huge blow to my head. Within a blink of an eye, I’m laying on the canvas with a sharp agonizing pain in my head and I couldn’t get up, feeling very groggy. Knock out! Boomed the announcer! Mayweather wins! The crowd was going crazy. I did not do as good as I could have but as my dad used to say, “you are not who you are at your worst moment”.

Although I didn’t win, It counts as a win in my heart because I went into a boxing match that I have never done before and boxed the greatest boxer of all time, and took him into 10 rounds! Although I did not actually beat him, I’m still leaving this fight with 32.5 million dollars richer so I’m still proud, I mean who wouldn’t be with 32.5 million dollars.

By: Aiden, age 12

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